Website Comments

In an effort to create one of the most informative and user friendly websites in the environmental and safety consulting industry, Total Environmental & Safety reached out to their clients, colleges and friends, and asked them to review and comment on their new website. To our pleasant surprise, we received hundreds of response, comments and suggestions. Most of which were great.

Some of the suggestions have already been incorporated into the website and some remain on a wish list for future website development. The comment most received was about the picture on the Home Page. Who knew a picture could be so controversial. Many liked the picture and many disliked it. Some of the comments made about the picture included; “it depicts what your all about, helping companies avoid such situations”, “its shocking and really hit home”, “get rid of the picture and replace it with a picture of trees, flowing water, and birds…that’s what people want to see when they’re thinking of environmental issues”.

I don’t know who’s right or wrong, or if anybody’s right or wrong. There just opinions and everyone has one. All I know is that we’re very grateful for all the comments and suggestions that we received. Thank you all very much.